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Kreutz Bennett Fund leaves $700,000 impact

Last year, Arapahoe Public Library received funding to continue a major renovation to add 1,720 square feet to the building, including a new community room for children’s programming and accessible parking, entry, and bathrooms. Plainview Public Library received a grant to purchase a laser cutter and etcher, allowing the library to host more makerspace camps… Read More

Jeff Yost: Looking back and planning ahead

The namesake for January, the ancient Roman god Janus, had two faces. To the Romans, Janus represented change, new beginnings, endings—even the concept of time itself. Of his two faces, one stared straight ahead while the other looked behind to the past. I find that fitting for the namesake of the first month on our… Read More

Preparing Nebraska youth for the future

Nebraska Community Foundation focuses on unleashing our state’s abundant local assets. The most important of which, of course, is our people. Our network of affiliated funds understands that well, particularly when it comes to preparing young Nebraskans for the future. In recognition of World Youth Skills Day, we’re celebrating just a fraction of the work… Read More

Small town libraries encouraged to apply for grants

Nebraska Community Foundation once again encourages small town libraries to apply for grants through the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund, which has awarded more than $665,000 to libraries in the last nine years. Grants will be made to libraries located in communities with populations below 3,000. There are three different areas of support available. Each grant… Read More

Small-town libraries encouraged to apply for funds

Guidelines relaxed; multi-year grants available More than $400,000 has been granted in the past seven years to small-town libraries in Nebraska. The program is funded through the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund, an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation. The Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund is currently accepting grant applications. Grants will be made to libraries located… Read More