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Communities Rebuilding Need Our Help

The Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund was created by First National Bank of Omaha, in partnership with Nebraska Community Foundation, in response to the historic flooding that is impacting parts of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.  Due to melting snow and heavy rainfall, several rivers across the region experienced record crests, resulting in breached levees, compromised bridges and roads, and major flooding.

As efforts turn from rescue to rebuilding, we recognize that the road ahead will be long and challenging. Preliminary estimates put the damage at over $600 million as thousands of families were displaced; homes, businesses and farms were destroyed, and the region is experiencing significant damage to infrastructure and the environment.

How Your Donation Will Help Benefit Heartland Communities

The Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund encourages recovery and rebuilding efforts across Nebraska, western Iowa, and southeastern South Dakota. As such, funds raised will be awarded to nonprofit organizations leading recovery and rebuilding efforts in communities impacted by the floods.

Rebuilding and recovery activities could include, but not be limited to, support for nonprofit organizations working to address one of the following:

  • Implementing community development solutions such as housing, neighborhood revitalization, or small business assistance
  • Addressing and improving health and human services needs
  • Cleaning up and protecting natural and environmental resources
  • Strengthening infrastructure critical to a healthy community

Short Term and Longer Term Needs, 100% of Your Donation Will Help The Heartland

As our communities continue to address more immediate crises, the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund will implement its activities in two phases.  During the first phase, the Fund will focus on generating funding to support the activities detailed above.  The second phase will involve deploying funding to qualified nonprofit organizations in the impacted areas. Funds will be awarded according to a structured award process with the assistance of a fund advisory team.  The specific process for granting funds will be outlined in the coming weeks.

100% of funding you contribute to the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund will be deployed in the flood-affected areas.



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    The Rebuild the Heartland Community fund is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, established by business and community leaders to galvanize support for Midwestern communities impacted by the recent floods.

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  • Opened: March 2019

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