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Thurston County—home of the Omaha Tribe—is the poorest of Nebraska’s 93 counties. Too often, it’s an isolated island paralyzed by historical trauma, deplorable housing, meth addiction, unstable broadband, record unemployment, and high suicide rates.

Will a skateboard park reverse this tragic state of affairs?

Of course not. But it has been shown—in study after study, on reservation after reservation—that skateboard parks give these often-desperate teens a vital physical and emotional outlet and a mega dose of self-esteem. They also become social hubs—spawning contests, music festivals and art competitions while bringing families and tribal elders to the park.

Though we have successfully raised the money for construction of the first-ever Walthill skatepark on the Omaha Reservation, we continue to raise funds that will be utilized for future programming and youth engagement.


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    Contributions will be used to build a skatepark for youth on the Omaha Indian Reservation

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