Becky Boesen

Community and Cultural Impact Specialist

In her role as the Community and Cultural Impact Specialist, Becky is dedicated to supporting, strengthening, and contributing to initiatives that help unleash abundance throughout the NCF network. Becky brings creativity and a strong sense of co-creation to her work, with special emphasis on areas ranging from people attraction and arts-based development to youth engagement and belonging. As the staff lead for Hometown Interns, Becky delights in intertwining her deep love for Greater Nebraska with her profound belief in the goodness of young Nebraskans and their unique ability to help their hometowns achieve their dreams.

Before joining the staff, Becky dedicated five years to consulting alongside NCF, where she collaborated on projects such as arts and cultural asset mapping and The Dream Switch. Becky has over 12 years of experience as an instructor at multiple Nebraska universities and is an award-winning playwright. She currently has two original works in production, both of which are supported by National Endowment for the Arts.

Becky’s roots lie deep in rural Nebraska, though she now calls Lincoln home. Her life is nothing shy of an adventure, shared with her wonderful husband Tyler, their awesome children Evan and Quinn, and a lively pack of four-legged companions: three devoted wheaten terriers and one spirited chihuahua mini pinscher rescue named Bruce.