Download NCF Logo

All affiliated funds are free to use the Nebraska Community Foundation logo in their promotional materials, provided the style guide below is followed. Contact Carrie Malek-Madani, Director of Marketing and Communications if you have questions on proper logo usage.



Color Logo: (jpg)
Color EPS: (zip)

Logo Colors:

RGB:  189, 21, 72
CMYK:  10, 100, 60, 15
Pantone:  200



Black Logo: (jpg)
Black EPS: (zip)

Logo Colors:

RGB:  168, 169, 173
CMYK:  0, 0, 0, 40
Pantone:  40% Black



To use the Nebraska Community Foundation logo, you must:

  • Download one of the logos above. They are the best quality versions.
  • List your affiliated fund as “An affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation” close to the logo.
  • Include the NCF web address:
  • Use the three-color logo if possible.When used online, the NCF logo should link to the NCF website. The three-color version of the logo is its truest form and should be used whenever possible.
    • “Nebraska Community” is red.
    • “Foundation” is black.
    • The image is gray.

Over an Image

If the logo must appear on an image, the image should be neutral in color, which will help the legibility of the color logo. If in doubt, keep the logo over a solid background, preferably white. The logo should not appear in a box, especially a white box on a dark background.

Clear Space

A minimum amount of space must be maintained around all four sides of the logo. Typically, half of the height of the logo should be maintained around each side.

Minimum Size/Maximum Size

The minimum reproduction size of the Nebraska Community Foundation logo is 1 5/8 (1.63) inches wide. Anything smaller will result in the logo becoming unreadable. The largest size must not exceed 4 inches on an 8×11 inch title/report page.

We want you to use our logo as much as you need. If you have any questions about using the Nebraska Community Foundation logo, please contact us.