Network Overview

At Nebraska Community Foundation, we believe it’s up to local leaders and residents to take charge, inspire change, and stimulate the economy in the places they call home. Forming a network represented in over 250 communities across the state, Nebraska Community Foundation affiliated funds are at the center of this work.

Our affiliated fund network teaches members how to help their communities grow using grassroots philanthropy that builds leadership, engages young people, and supports people attraction. Ours is an inclusive system that embraces and celebrates every gift, whether it represents financial or human capital.

The benefits of being a part of our affiliated fund network extend beyond tax-deductible contributions. We provide peer learning resources and training as well as gift planning assistance to inspire well-informed local decision-making.

Our goal is to help Nebraska communities turn up their dream switch and build a bolder, brighter future.

Interested in joining our movement? Contact us to learn how.