HALT Human Trafficking Fund

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The HALT Human Trafficking Fund helps provide law enforcement with the training they need to identify monetary patterns commonly associated with human trafficking criminals.

Monies donated to the fund will be used for education, data, and technology. Grants will be distributed across Nebraska.

  • Education Grants: Funding for programs that focus on educating vulnerable populations, communities, and professionals about the risks and indicators of human trafficking. This could include workshops, training sessions, and awareness campaigns.
  • Research and Data Collection Grants: Funding for research projects that aim to better understand the root causes, trends, and impact of human trafficking. This information can contribute to evidence-based prevention strategies.
  • Technology and Innovation Grants: Grants supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies or tools to prevent human trafficking. This could include mobile apps, online platforms, or other technological solutions that aid in identification and prevention efforts.

Donate above or send contributions to:
Nebraska Community Foundation
PO Box 83107
Lincoln, NE 68501

Fund Details

  • Opened: April 2024