Nebraska Community Foundation

Nebraska Community Foundation serves a network of nearly 2,000 affiliated fund leaders in communities located throughout the state. NCF helps grassroots leaders inspire charitable giving in their own communities and make impact grants to local organizations for long-term improvements and prosperity. We do this by providing education, training, technical assistance and prudent management of financial resources.


  • Development

    Your gift to NCF enables our professionals in the field to provide education, training and one-on-one assistance to community leaders located across the state. We work with rural communities to develop strategies for engaging everyone in charitable giving. We educate people about the importance of capturing a portion of the local wealth being transferred between generations. We assist local donors and their financial advisors in arranging meaningful planned gifts to benefit both the donor and their hometowns. And we provide marketing support to help our local affiliated funds reach out to an increasing number of charitable minded people in their communities. Your gift helps to support the critical services we provide to Nebraska’s hometowns.

  • Unrestricted Endowment

    Like many of our affiliated funds, NCF is building a permanent endowment to sustain our services to communities far into the future. Your gift to the NCF endowment fund will be invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year; investment earnings will be spent to help cover the costs of providing development services to Nebraska’s hometowns. The NCF endowment will insure that our remarkable system of grassroots philanthropy in Nebraska will continue to grow and become self-sustaining for future generations.