David Brooks Tours Greater Nebraska

“Everybody says rural America is collapsing. But I keep going to places with more moral coherence and social commitment than we have in booming urban areas. These visits prompt the same question: How can we spread the civic mind-set they have in abundance?”

That’s just one of the many observations New York Times columnist David Brooks made after spending 72 hours in Greater Nebraska. In furtherance of Weave: The Social Fabric Project, Brooks and a team from the Aspen Institute are touring communities across the country to better understand our society and the elements that make for a strong community.

Brooks spent time in McCook and Nebraska City in addition to interacting with three dozen volunteer NCF affiliated fund leaders from Albion, Bertrand, Byron, Columbus, David City, Grand Island, Grant, Imperial, McCook, Nebraska City, Ogallala, Ord, Paxton, Red Cloud, and Taylor.

Click here to read David Brooks’ reflections on his Nebraska visit and “What Rural America Has to Teach Us.”

Click here for images of the Weave team’s visit to Greater Nebraska

Click here to listen to David Brooks address McCook Rotary

Click here to learn more about Weave: The Social Fabric Project

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