Hometown Intern – Cassidy Hoffman

Name: Cassidy Hoffman
Hometown: Leigh, NE
Affiliated Fund: Leigh Legacy Fund
School: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

What do you love about your community? What are some of its greatest assets?
I love how my community is beginning to grow. Our school is expanding and so are many local businesses. For being such a small community, Leigh has a lot to offer when you look at the employment opportunities, recreation activities, and local businesses all around town. Some of my favorite assets in Leigh are the new school, the golf course, and Maple Creek Dam.

What made you want to pursue an NCF Hometown Internship?
In all honesty, I didn’t even know what an NCF Hometown Internship was until my supervisor reached out to me earlier this year. She explained what it was and some ideas of what I would be doing over the summer, and I was very intrigued. In high school, I was very active within my community, and now I’m excited to jump back in with a pair of fresh eyes.

What projects are you working on this summer?
This summer my main goal will be to completely revamp our community’s website. I will be collaborating with local businesses and organizations to promote them to the community and any visitors that want to have more information about what Leigh has to offer.

What do you hope to learn or experience?
I hope to learn more about how the Leigh Legacy Fund is impacting our community. I also want to learn about what it takes to establish and maintain a community fund. Most importantly, I want to make deeper connections within my community.

How would you describe the opportunity so far?
This opportunity has been great so far! I’ve loved working with my supervisors and brainstorming all of our goals for the summer.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your hometown?
I hope that Leigh continues the trajectory it’s on. Our community is growing so much and has so much to offer. I hope that other people notice this and continue to move back to the area. I want Leigh to continue to prosper and grow and to attract new businesses and people.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
What I’m looking for in a place to call home is somewhere where I can work, live, and play. This means somewhere that I can work a job either in town or in a town nearby. I want to live in a community where I can build and maintain connections, and I want to live somewhere that has opportunities for entertainment and fun.

Could you see yourself living in Greater Nebraska in the future?
I honestly couldn’t picture myself living anywhere besides Greater Nebraska. Nebraska is such a unique place that has a special part of my heart. The people of Nebraska make it so great. Nebraskans are so welcoming and friendly even to strangers, which I think is really special. When it comes time for me to settle down, I couldn’t imagine finding a home anywhere other than Nebraska.

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