Investing in people. Investing in the future.

Since 1999, Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund has been led and nurtured by dedicated volunteers that share a deep love for their community. These individuals are forever changing the future of their place. But because they are humble Nebraskans, you probably won’t hear them talk about their long list of accomplishments or the legacy they are building for future generations of Nebraska Citians. Here are just a few of the Fund’s many achievements:

In total, NCCFF’s assets have grown to an impressive $2.4 million. To date, the Fund has reinvested $5.6 million into the community it serves, with each grant aimed at its core mission: investing in people. 

NCCFF and its donors have supported 38 community projects, organizations and accounts through grantmaking. Among them the dog park, the skate park, the science fair, the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation, local museums, Main Street development, youth sports, and more.

Since 2001, the Fund has awarded 62 non-traditional scholarships to adult learners. This is a real difference maker to the dozens of Nebraska Citians balancing career and family while furthering their education and opportunities.

NCCFF’s completion of an ambitious challenge grant opportunity in recent years resulted in an enormous increase to Nebraska City’s unrestricted endowment. That account now tops $1.1 million with approximately $45,000 in annual earnings to be invested back into the community and its people every year.

Through planned gifts, NCCFF is keeping considerable wealth in Nebraska City where it was made and accumulated. A good many of those planned gifts were made by members of the Fund Advisory Committee themselves.

But NCCFF’s most important and notable contribution to the community is its fervent commitment to investing in Nebraska City’s most precious resource—its people, particularly youth.

Every year, NCCFF gives its youth advisory committee control of 20 percent of its unrestricted endowment payout—at about $9,000 annually, that’s real money. Not only is it bringing about positive results through innovative philanthropic projects, it is sending a strong message to young people—we value your opinion, we want you here. n

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