Butler County Area Foundation Fund

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The Butler County Area Foundation Fund’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all people in the Butler County Area through the use of contributed funds entrusted to its stewardship.

The Butler County Area Foundation Fund awards grants in support of public and private services. The purpose of these grants is to provide funding for community projects that will enhance the long-term success and quality of life of the community.

The Fund seeks applications that address strategic community development efforts which lead to population growth, job creation, wealth creation and retention, and increased leadership capacity. These efforts may include support for local entrepreneurs who are starting, growing or transitioning businesses; strategies to involve youth and attract young families; programs to develop and strengthen local leadership; building community capacity including workforce development, and educational efforts to create an awareness of the need for additional contributions to the Butler County Area Foundation Fund.



The Butler County Area Foundation Fund grant applications are typically due in October. The 2021 deadline has passed.


BCAFF Scholarship

Available to seniors who are residents of Butler County. Applications are typically due in March.


BCAFF Skilled Trade Scholarship

This is available to graduating seniors who are residents of Butler County. This $1,000 scholarship is intended solely for graduates who plan to enroll in a 1-2 year technical program and who will graduate with a degree at the completion of their field of study. This is not intended for graduates who will be attending a tech school or community college solely for the purpose of receiving their general ed credits. Applications are typically due in March.


  • “Looking Forward, Giving Back” Unrestricted Endowment

    A permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year. Investment earnings from the endowment are used to support community improvements and programs. The Fund Advisory Committee determines how the money generated from the endowment will be used to benefit the community now and in the future.

Fund Details

  • Opened: June 1998
  • Related Towns: Abie, Bellwood, Brainard, Bruno, David City, Dwight, Garrison, Linwood, Octavia, Rising City, Surprise, Ulysses
  • Related Counties: Butler

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