Dan Gillespie Soil Health Fund

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The purpose of this Fund is to honor Dan Gillespie, a life-long farmer and a long-time no-till farming practitioner/advocate who is known locally as “Dan, the Tree Man” by making grants to support the following charitable causes and/or charitable organizations:

Education and educational practices related to soil health and regenerative agriculture, including but not limited to no-till farming, water conservation, tree conservation, and planting cover crops. Grants from this Fund may support educational events and programming for youth, current farmers and ranchers, and others involved in agriculture. The geographic focus of the Fund is Nebraska and surrounding states.

Meet Our Fund Advisory Committee

Keith Berns | Owner of Green Cover (Bladen, NE)

Steve Chick | Retired Nebraska NRCS State Conservationist

Bud Davis | Former Kansas NRCS Agronomist, one of three founders of No-till on the Plains, Owner of  Conservation Demonstrations (Salina, KS)

Craig Derickson | Retired Nebraska NRCS State Conservationist

Rebecca Gillespie Evert | Family representative, Dan’s sister, and long-time supporter of Dan’s soil health initiatives and practices

Tim Gillespie | Family representative

Randy Pryor | UNL Emerita Extension Soil Health Educator