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The Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund is dedicated to progress and long-term prosperity. A volunteer Fund Advisory Committee works actively to increase charitable giving and award grants to local worthy causes and projects that are addressing emerging needs and future opportunities in our community.

The mission of the Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund is to enrich the quality of life and help create new opportunities in the Eustis area by:

  • Supporting and strengthening local nonprofit organizations;
  • Providing flexible ways for donors to benefit their community;
  • Identifying needs and making grants in areas of art, culture, human service, education, recreation, environment, and civic improvements;
  • Participating in partnerships with other community groups; and
  • Building endowments to help meet future community needs.

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  • E-Unit Project Account

    An account to support charitable activities related to the engagement and retention of youth and young adults in the Eustis community as determined by the E-Unit (the youth philanthropy group of the affiliated fund). Grants will focus on improving the quality of life for youth and young adults within the Eustis community and priorities will be set by local youth and young adult leadership.

  • Eustis/Farnam School

    To benefit educational programs, extra-curricular programs and scholarships at the Eustis-Farnam School.

  • Eustis/Farnam Swimming Pool

    To benefit and sustain the indoor swimming pool at the Eustis-Farnam School.

  • General

    An account used by the local Fund Advisory Committee to support and maintain the affiliated fund’s activities within the community.

  • Unrestricted Endowment

    A permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year. Investment earnings from the endowment are used to support community improvements and programs. The Fund Advisory Committee determines how the money generated from the endowment will be used to benefit the community now and in the future.

Fund Details

  • Opened: April 2004
  • Related Towns: Eustis
  • Related Counties: Frontier

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