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In December 2021, devastating wildfires swept through suburban areas in the greater Boulder, Colorado community. More than 1,270 homes were destroyed or significantly damaged. Power outages and subsequent snowstorms have caused further destruction through frozen and bursting pipes that have left water damage in even more homes. Our neighbors in the Boulder community need us now more than ever.

The FNBO Employee Impact Fund is now supporting our Colorado communities impacted by wildfires.

The Employee Impact Fund was established to help facilitate and coordinate employee and FNBO giving to help our communities recovery when disaster strikes. FNBO will match $1.00 for every $1.00 donated (up to $50,000) by January 21, 2022. All Donations, including FNBO’s match, will be allocated to the Community Foundation of Boulder’s Wildfire Fund and will support short- and long-term recovery needs including shelter, food, and other necessities, as well long-term efforts to rebuild the Boulder community.


FNBO and our employees have been serving our customers and communities for more than 160 years, and we are there when they need us. Disasters and emergencies can have devastating impacts on the places FNBO calls home; and while the disaster can be short term, the path to recover from a disaster is long. The purpose of the FNBO Employee Impact Fund (“Impact Fund”) is to provide a vehicle to channel, facilitate, and coordinate FNBO employee giving for recovery, restoration and/or repair efforts arising from disasters and/or emergencies in our communities. The Impact fund will be activated to accept donations from FNBO, FNBO employees, and our partners in order to raise funds and provide support to the initiatives that contribute to the long-term success of our communities when they need it the most.

The Impact Fund is complementary to and advances the goals of the Impact by FNBO Community and Social Responsibility Strategy, and therefore reflects its vision, priority community focus areas, and goals. The vision of the Impact by FNBO Community and Social Responsibility strategy is to have successful communities in all the places FNBO calls home and recognizes the following as community priority focus areas contributing to long-term community success: Housing and Neighborhoods, Small Businesses, and Workforce Development. When a disaster or emergency impacts our local communities, these priority community focus areas will represent the primary focus for post-disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts of the Impact Fund.

The FNBO Employee Impact Fund will be activated when needs arise within our communities due to a disaster and/or emergency. Activating the fund involves three key steps:

  • Identification of specific community needs and priorities following a disaster or emergency;
  • Opening the fund for contributions from FNBO, our employees, and our partners;
  • Disbursing the funds to organizations working to address the identified needs.

The FNBO Employee Impact Fund is managed by the FNBO Community Development, Corporate Philanthropy, and Social Impact team. Following a disaster or emergency and upon authorization from the Impact Fund advisory board, the Community team will work with local FNBO and community leadership to identify specific community needs and priorities, open and promote the fund for donations from employees and external stakeholders, and use funds raised to support initiatives addressing identified priorities following the disaster.

The FNBO Employee Impact Fund is a donor advised fund held by the Nebraska Community Foundation, a Nebraska 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

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