Legacy Fund for Seward County

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Legacy Fund for Seward County logoOur Vision

A united and prosperous Seward County with abundant resources for all people to live, work, learn and succeed.

Our Mission

The Legacy Fund of Seward County inspires a culture of giving and engages people to invest long-term to reach Seward County’s full potential together.

Our Values

The ideals and practices define the work that guides the Legacy Fund for Seward County:

  • Inclusivity – We seek to collaborate with all people, organizations and groups to encourage diversity and success for all.
  • Stewardship – We commit to invest funds responsibly and preserve donor intent.
  • Integrity – We endeavor to build relationships and partnerships built on trust, cooperation, and confidentiality.
  • Visionary – We focus on future success for all of Seward County.
  • Advocacy – We champion the success for all individuals and communities in Seward County.
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  • Unrestricted Endowment

    A permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year. Investment earnings from the endowment are used to support community improvements and programs. The Fund Advisory Committee determines how the money generated from the endowment will be used to benefit the community now and in the future.

  • General Account

    An account used by the local Fund Advisory Committee to support and maintain the affiliated fund’s activities within the community.

  • Seward Youth Endowment

    This account is a permanent endowment for the purpose of supporting community youth programs and activities (including but not limited to: athletic programs such as T-ball, softball, baseball, soccer, swimming, golf, hunting, etc.), for non-athletic youth programs and activities, for the Kiwanis Back Pack program, to assist in after school programs for youth, and for other youth related programs and activities by grants to charitable/tax-exempt entities operating such programs in the City of Seward, or for the benefit of youth of the City of Seward, as determined by the Fund Advisory Committee. This endowment is not intended to replace the funding of existing programs, but to expand existing youth programs or to add new youth activities for the Seward community. The activities funded by this fund are to be primarily directed for the benefit of youth of the Seward community rather than county wide programs.

Fund Details

  • Opened: August 2019
  • Related Towns: Beaver Crossing, Bee, Cordova, Garland, Goehner, Milford, Pleasant Dale, Seward, Staplehurst, Utica
  • Related Counties: Seward

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