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The Fort Robinson Northern Cheyenne Breakout Committee was established in June 2001 to plan and construct a new historical monument in Nebraska, near Fort Robinson State Park. The purpose of the Northern Cheyenne Breakout Monument is to remember and honor the Northern Cheyenne who fought bravely and gave their lives so the rest of the Cheyenne People could return to their homeland in the North. The Monument is located west and adjacent to Fort Robinson State Park.

Funds are currently being sought to finish the construction of the Northern Cheyenne Breakout Monument. The goal is to raise $150,000 to complete all aspects of the monument, walkways, signage and seating area.

In 2014 the Northern Cheyenne Breakout Legacy Fund was established as an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation in order to expand fundraising efforts. The Committee worked with Redstone Project Development, Chief Dull Knife College and Nebraska Community Foundation to allow funds to be raised in Montana, where the Northern Cheyenne Reservation is located, and in Nebraska, where the Monument is located.

Your contribution will help complete the Monument for all people to visit and remember what happened at Fort Robinson, and it will provide a chance for people to heal from the senseless tragedy.


  • General Account

    The purpose of the Northern Cheyenne Breakout Legacy Fund is to encourage, solicit, receive, and use charitable contributions and the income derived from the investment of contributions in support of developing the memorial, educational, cultural, and historical use of the Fort Robinson Breakout property in Sioux County, Nebraska. The Fund focuses its fundraising efforts on completing construction of a memorial on the Property to Northern Cheyenne Tribal members lost during the Breakout; planning and constructing other capital projects to fully realize the Property’s cultural and historical uses; and allowing the Chief Dull Knife College to coordinate, facilitate, and maintain the use of the Property in keeping with its educational mission.

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  • Opened: March 2014

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  • Name: Richard Littlebear
  • Phone: (406) 477-6215