Overton Area Community Fund

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Overton is a proud community and a place for quality living.  Citizens from all walks of life experience a sense of belonging.  Our fun, family-centered community nurtures our youth and future leaders.  Locally-owned businesses and a variety of recreational activities provide a welcoming atmosphere.


Inspiring investment in the Overton community by:

  • stimulating a spirit of giving
  • promoting sustainability through charitable donations and a permanent endowment which will be used to support strategic improvements
  • encouraging community involvement, volunteer commitment, and leadership
  • envisioning a better future with lasting legacies


Trust & Credibility | We act with credibility, professionalism and honesty.

Integrity | We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.

Dedication | We are dedicated to the community, its growth and have an overall passion for success.

Collaboration | We encourage innovation to meet challenges and achieve collective goals within the community.

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  • General Account

    An account used by the local Fund Advisory Committee to support and maintain the affiliated fund's activities within the community.

  • Unrestricted Endowment Account

    A permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year. Investment earnings from the endowment are used to support community improvements and programs. The Fund Advisory Committee determines how the money generated from the endowment will be used to benefit the community now and in the future.

Fund Details

  • Opened: October 2017
  • Related Towns: Overton
  • Related Counties: Dawson

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