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The purpose of the Valley County Health System Foundation Fund is to build an endowment for the Valley County Health System Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. The Fund’s mission is to seek, receive and administer donations and gifts for the sole benefit of Valley County Health System. Its number one priority is enhancing and sustaining high-quality healthcare in Central Nebraska.

No one said it better than the ancient Greeks when they said that we would truly be an uncivilized land if people were to plant no trees.  Or equally inhumane, if no one were to plant trees from which only they would benefit… relief from the sun, fruit for sustenance, wood for burning or building, beauty for all seasons.

Our civilization is all about investment. Whether planting of a tree, either literally or figuratively, it is an investment in an organization or a community.  If you stop and think about it, we each have received “life” from what others have planted. That was a gift they gave to us because they wanted to leave things better than they found them. We should do no less.

The Valley County Health System Foundation Fund you support was planted through sacrifices and vision of others who knew that they may never themselves enjoy the shade, sustenance or scenery of their labors.

How will you invest in the future of Valley County Health System? Are you willing to help plant the seeds, water them and then know that they will grow, knowing all along that you may never see the fruits of what you have so generously done?

Please help plant and feed the roots of the Valley County Health System Foundation Fund by looking at what you can do. Our hope is that you will feel rewarded by the decision you make. “To plant a tree under which you will never sit; that is true philanthropy.”

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  • Opened: July 2008
  • Related Towns: Arcadia, Burwell, Comstock, Elyria, Ericson, Loup City, North Loup, Ord, Sargent, Scotia, Taylor
  • Related Counties: Blaine, Custer, Garfield, Greeley, Howard, Loup, Sherman, Valley, Wheeler