At Home in Greater Nebraska – Carly Rexing

What is the best thing about living in your community?
From growing up in a large city in Indiana to living in a village in rural Nebraska, I have to say one of the best parts is knowing each and every smiling face as I take my son on a walk. There is just something about the small town that comforts me and makes me feel included into something so amazing. Our booming town of 400 people somehow continues to prosper and grow. I love how everyone gets involved in making the small businesses thrive.

For you personally, what has been the most valuable part about moving to your community?
The most valuable part of moving to Eustis has been the ability to feel a part of something larger than ourselves. The village takes on newcomers with open arms and makes you feel included. It really feels like one big family.

Any surprises?
I am surprised everyday at how much our community has to offer. There is so much for all ages; a K-12 school, multiple playgrounds, a pool, two churches, a daycare, a grocery store, a restaurant, a bar, two hair studios, a tire shop, a mechanic shop, two gas stations, a library, a boutique, a German market, a pie factory, and so much more.

What excites you when you think about the future of your community?
I am so excited for the baby boom we are having! A lot of young people are returning or moving to Eustis and are starting to build their families. We are keeping the town alive and I can’t wait to raise my children here.

How would you describe your experience serving on your local affiliated fund?
As a member on the EACFF, I have enjoyed seeing what we are capable of. I joined not too long ago, but we constantly reflect on what we have accomplished. It is incredible the things you can do when your community really cares about making a difference and continues to show growth.

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