At Home in Greater Nebraska – Tricia Wagner

What is the best thing about living in your community?
McCook has all of the benefits of a small town with the added incentive of big city retail. I rarely need to go out of town or venture to Amazon for the things I need and want! In McCook you have the ability to support locally owned and operated businesses without compromising on the things you need; from a last-minute gift to all new appliances, you can find it all in McCook!

Did you always plan to return to Greater Nebraska? If not, what changed your mind?
After graduating high school I truly thought I would start traveling the world and only touchdown in McCook momentarily to see family and friends between adventures. It wasn’t until I started traveling the world that I realized nowhere ever made me feel the way McCook did. McCook is home to me, and I learned quickly that the sense of home isn’t found just anywhere!

For you personally, what has been the most valuable part about moving to your community?
Shortly after returning to McCook, I was invited to join a local strategic planning initiative, Communities of Excellence 2026, and I very quickly found myself immersed in community initiatives that strive for a greater quality of life in McCook. Being able to advocate for young families, like my own, and utilize my background in public health and wellness to help achieve McCook’s goals for the future has been very rewarding.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about returning to Greater Nebraska?
Do it! Now is the time, especially with a lot of companies committing to staying with remote work. McCook is the place to be. Here you’ll find easy access to a brand new co-working space downtown at the Keystone, a walkable retail area, award winning restaurants, innovative healthcare, family and fitness friendly parks and walking trails, and so much more! If you’re ready to slow down a little and enjoy a small-town atmosphere without compromising on the retail front, access to healthcare, nor your wellness lifestyle, Greater Nebraska is for you!

What drew you to the NCF network?
The McCook Community Foundation Fund’s vision of “Making McCook an even better place to call home” was what immediately drew me in to learning more about the NCF network. After learning that MCFF intentionally invests time and money into the community to better the quality of life in McCook, it didn’t take much convincing for me to join the Fund Advisory Committee. The Mission and Vision of MCFF is aligned with everything I want to and have been doing in the community since my return. The Fund Advisory Committee consists of community leaders and visionaries that truly want the best for McCook, now and in the future. I’m very grateful to work with and learn from them all!

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