Gifts of grain and livestock benefit producers and communities

Grain futures are higher than they’ve been since 2013, and giving a portion of their harvest is a great way for producers to share the bounty with the causes closest to their hearts. By contributing commodities like corn or cattle, farmers and ranchers can save significantly on taxes while strengthening the mission of their local community fund.

To encourage ag producers to consider Gifts of Grain or Livestock, the NCF marketing team created a press release template affiliated funds can use to spread the word in their region.

STEP 1: Download our customizable article, “Farmers, ranchers should think outside the checkbook for charitable giving.”

STEP 2: Customize the article as much or as little as you like.

STEP 3: Reach out to your local newspaper, radio station, or television station to see if they would be willing to publish the release in print or online.

Please email if you need any assistance.

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