Homegrown challenges are about more than the money

You don’t need to wait for a major foundation to issue a challenge grant to your affiliated fund… all across the NCF network, local donors and alumni are stepping up to further community development efforts in the hometowns they love.

There are countless benefits to working toward a homegrown challenge:

  • Creates a permanent asset for your community’s future
  • Provides a reason to engage in conversations about community members’ hopes for the community and the mission of your fund
  • Provides an opportunity to educate others about building an unrestricted endowment
  • Connects members of the community, past alumni and friends of the challenger to your FAC
  • Leaves a positive, long-term effect on donor development efforts due to greater levels of outreach
  • Adds leadership value to your FAC and community through volunteer skill-building

In this session, you’ll learn how affiliated funds across Nebraska have secured their own homegrown challenge grants, plus two peer mentors will share their own campaign experiences and the many ways (beyond money) that the opportunity benefited their affiliated fund and community.

Homegrown Challenge PowerPoint

If you have any questions, call us at 402.323.7330 or email info@nebcommfound.org.

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