Hometown Intern – Bailey Schwarz

Name: Bailey Schwarz
Hometown: Arnold
Affiliated Fund: Arnold Community Foundation Fund
School: University of Nebraska at Kearney

What’s it like to return to your community after being away for a while?
Experiencing other towns can lead to a deeper appreciation of what my own community has to offer. I also reflect on how I’ve changed and grown while away, and how that plays a part in how my perspective of the community has evolved. It is comforting and relaxing to be back in my hometown after being away and independent on my own.

What are some of your hometown’s greatest assets?
Some of my hometown’s greatest assets would be the historic buildings in the downtown area. There are several different parks, a theater, and historical signs to teach the history of the town and its buildings to newcomers and all generations.

What about the NCF Internship experience stands out to you so far? Why?
The aspect of community in the NCF Internship has stood out to me so far; it’s very inspiring to see so many people my age willing to go back to their hometowns and help improve them. 

Everyone has gifts and talents to share. What do you hope to share with your hometown this summer?
This summer I hope to share my talent of graphic design to promote fundraising and awareness for the projects at hand. I can also help to design materials that celebrate the community’s history and can strengthen connections to the past and promote the community.

What should older adults know about your generation of Nebraskans?
Older adults should know that my generation of Nebraskans may leave Nebraska for a few years in our youth, but we appreciate where we are from and will potentially return to greater Nebraska to settle down in the future. I also think that this generation has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and many young Nebraskans want to start their own businesses that will need supported.

What makes you feel most attached to your hometown?
I think that I feel most attached to my hometown because that has been the place I have lived for all my life. There is a sense of belonging, comfort, and identity that, along with feeling safe and secure in my hometown, is a significant factor in having a strong attachment. So many childhood memories were made at the pool, playgrounds, and in the establishments of Arnold.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your community?
I hope that everything continues to grow and develop for future generations to enjoy and look forward to when coming home. I hope that there is economic growth with job opportunities and thriving small businesses.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
I am looking for a sense of community, comfort, and belonging. That includes a safe environment, employment opportunities, friendly communities, access to sports facilities, clubs and recreational activities, and the presence of a strong support network of family and friends.

If you were designing a future for yourself in Greater Nebraska, what would that look like?
The future for myself in Greater Nebraska would include having access to outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and outdoor sports. It would also include being able to attend farmer’s markets, local clubs or organizations, local fundraisers, and other festivities connected with the community.

What’s a piece of advice you have for older generations of Nebraskans?
Embrace the opportunities presented by technology while passing on traditions and community values. Use technology to keep records of historical events, photos, and other information for future generations to look at.


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