Hometown Intern – Blair Fiala

Name: Blair Fiala
Hometown: Howells
Affiliated Fund: Howells Community Fund
School: University of Nebraska – Kearney

What’s it like to return to your community after being away for a while?
It has been a great experience being home for the summer so far. I just love being a part of the Howells community. Everyone here has always been so welcoming, kind, and supportive. It is so fun seeing everyone supporting each other and different causes at events and sport games. It’s all been great!

What are some of your hometown’s greatest assets?
I believe that a few of my hometown’s greatest assets are the people, the buildings downtown that would be great for a new business to open in, the ballroom that always brings new people in for events, and our campgrounds, which have been very busy this year so far.

What about the NCF Internship experience stands out to you so far? Why?
To me, the part of the NCF internship experience that has stood out the most is how much support us interns have gotten to make a difference in our hometowns. The supervisors, leaders, and NCF outreach interns have gotten to know us and have given us advice so that we truly can make a difference in our hometown. This experience has helped me to see the value that my unique perspective can bring to this hometown.

Everyone has gifts and talents to share. What do you hope to share with your hometown this summer?
I hope to share my hard work and personability with my hometown. I am very driven to complete tasks that I am given and love seeing my hard work pay off. I cannot wait to see the projects that I will accomplish through this internship. I also love talking with people and gaining insight from them. This skill will help me to shape my community in a way that not just I want, but also other members that I have spoken with.

What should older adults know about your generation of Nebraskans?
I feel that older adults should know that my generation is ready to make a difference. We have been raised as hard-working individuals and want to see the best things for our communities. With the support of the older generations, we are all ready to help our communities flourish.

What makes you feel most attached to your hometown?
I feel most attached to my hometown because of the people. Howells always will feel like home to me. I feel so welcome here and know that I can always count on my community members whenever I need.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your community?
I hope that my community can continue to grow. I hope people keep investing in businesses and shops downtown and hard-working people keep moving here. Howells is such a nice town, and I hope it stays that way. I also hope this town keeps evolving and changing, but also keeping the same charm and atmosphere that it has always had.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
I am looking for somewhere where there are fun things to do. I want a safe place where it is good to raise a family. I also want a peaceful place that is small and rural where people know their neighbors and help them out at any time.

If you were designing a future for yourself in Greater Nebraska, what would that look like?
If I was designing a future for myself, I would want to live in a small-ish town such as Kearney or Columbus. I hope to live in a nice, safe community where my children will be able to safely play with friends. I would love to have my kids go to a high school where they know all of their classmates, have a personal relationship with teachers, and get a great education. I want to live in a place with some nice shops downtown and good places to eat.

What’s a piece of advice you have for older generations of Nebraskans?
Trust the younger generations and their ideas. My generation is full of ideas that will help our communities evolve. Instead of resisting this change, work with us and accept our ideas and help us to make these ideas come to life in a way that fits our hometowns. We are very creative and passionate about making a difference in our world so let us do just that.

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