Hometown Intern – Shelby Steyer

Name: Shelby Steyer
Hometown: Friend, Nebraska
Affiliated Fund: Friend Area Fund
School: Concordia University Nebraska

What’s it like to return to your community after being away for a while?
Returning to my community after being away at college is a whole new experience. I see the community in a different way by viewing it as an adult rather than a child. Now, I can see the potential that my small town has to offer.

What are some of your hometown’s greatest assets?
The new Rural Emergency Hospital and Primary Care Clinic, Friend Public Swimming Pool, Burley Park, and Friend Country Club are the greatest assets to my hometown.

What about the NCF Internship experience stands out to you so far? Why?
What stands out to me the most is the close-knit community created through this internship. I see this specifically with the interns that have returned for multiple years.

Everyone has gifts and talents to share. What do you hope to share with your hometown this summer?
I hope to share my talent of educating others while incorporating important historical aspects about the community with my hometown this summer.

What should older adults know about your generation of Nebraskans?
Older adults should know that some of us are interested in learning about the origins of our hometown and keeping old traditions alive.

What makes you feel most attached to your hometown?
I feel most attached to my hometown because I was born and raised in it, as well as most of my extended family.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your community?
My hopes and dreams for the future of my community are that we continue to thrive and grow.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
A strong support system and a welcoming environment are what I look for in a place to call home.

If you were designing a future for yourself in Greater Nebraska, what would that look like?
A future for myself in Greater Nebraska would look like me having my dream job based in a smaller environment consisting of community-based people who strive to better their hometown.

What’s a piece of advice you have for older generations of Nebraskans?
Advice that I have for the older generations of Nebraskans is that we, as the new generation, have many new and innovative ideas to share. They might seem scary, but if you open your mind to our ideas, they may just surprise you.

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