If you want a good story . . . find the right person and ask the right questions

Reggi Carlson | Communications Specialist

Interviewing is an art form. The best storytellers have a knack for not only asking the right people, but formulating the questions that elicit the most powerful and thought-provoking answers.

When approaching an article or a press release, think beyond your Fund Advisory Committee for comments on why this project, program or grant is important and making a difference. Donors and grant recipients (or program beneficiaries) make great interviewees for instance. Below are some suggestions for questions you might ask the next time you are seeking comments on your affiliated fund’s work and community impact.

(Note: Adjust these questions to fit the circumstance.)

The person who is running a program (or project) with the help of your grant

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • How does the program work?
  • Who is benefiting from the most from this program?
  • Why is this important?

The person who is benefiting directly from the program
(May include and child and/or the parent) 

  • How is this program helping you?
  • What do you like best about this program?
  • What do you hope will happen next?
  • What would you say to the people who made this possible?

(Possibly) The major donor(s) who are making this happen

  • Why did you give your gift to make this happen?
  • How do you feel about what this program is accomplishing?
  • What would you tell other people who are considering making a similar gift?
  • What can we do to thank you?

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