KC Belitz: NCF to hold sessions

Originally published in the Columbus Telegram

Today I’d like to share three examples of the value that communities who have affiliated with Nebraska Community Foundation can access.

First up, we all know that retaining and attracting youth is key to the success of Greater Nebraska. Further, we know that inviting them into your community-building work is essential to achieve that goal. NCF’s youth surveys offer a way for affiliated communities to understand what youth in their hometown seek in a place to call home, what they consider important for their future, and how they can best invite these young residents to use their voice to help shape their own future.

Surveys are distributed with the help of local school districts during February through April. Following the survey, funds will receive:

  • A report with final results
  • A facilitated round table with participating youth to better understand the data
  • Support from NCF staff in sharing results and planning future community discussions

This is the time of year that affiliated funds interested in taking part in NCF’s 2022 Youth Surveys reach out to Kara Asmus (kasmus@nebcommfound.org). If you are interested in a survey and you’re not sure if your hometown or your school is represented by an NCF affiliate, Kara can answer that question for you as well! We want to continue our past success in garnering survey interest from all across the state.

Related to the first opportunity, NCF affiliated communities also have access to a matching grant that helps fund internships for college students that bring them home for the summer. This is the fourth consecutive summer that these “Hometown Internships” have brought energetic young Nebraskans home to strengthen their connections to the places that raised them and further the community-building work of local Nebraska Community Foundation affiliated funds. Challenge grants of $1,500–$3,000 are matched by local resources to ensure students are compensated for their work.

Again, if you’re interested in a community intern but you aren’t sure about your status with NCF, please contact Kara and she can help.

Finally, NCF affiliates have access to the learning and inspiration that comes from the latest Transfer of Wealth Study that quantifies the estimate of intergenerational transfers of wealth for each Nebraska county. NCF is hosting a three-part virtual learning series to help communities better utilize NCF’s latest Transfer of Wealth Study, mobilize a localized “5 to Thrive” campaign, and most importantly, harness some of this unprecedented abundance in these hometowns! Contact me or Kara to register, whether you are currently a member of the network or not.

The following one-hour sessions will be held via Zoom:

Jan. 27 | Transferring Abundance

Feb. 10 | Leveraging Planned Giving

Feb. 24 | Marketing the Transfer of Wealth

Nebraska towns are using inspiration and education from resources like these through the NCF network to truly change their future. Just as one local and timely example, the “Pure Nebraska” television program recently featured Boone Beginnings, the world-class early childhood education center built in Albion. Members of the Boone County Area Foundation Fund Advisory Committee worked with other community members to create better access to high-quality early education and care for Boone County kids. The center was made possible with 250 charitable gifts totaling $4.5 million. Learn more about Boone Beginnings in this fantastic Pure Nebraska feature: https://www.nebcommfound.org/news/boone-county-invests-in-its-future!

If these resources sound interesting, contact any of at NCF to learn more. And whether through the NCF network or not, I can’t stress enough that the time is now to invest yourself in your hometown. The opportunity for Greater Nebraska hasn’t been this great in more than 100 years!

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