Meet 10-year-old rural Bassett resident Noah Seberger

ROCK COUNTY — Today, meet Noah Seberger, age 10, who talks about his hometown of Bassett and the summer program he enjoyed at the Rock County Public Library, made possible in part by the Rock County Community Fund and an anonymous donor of Nebraska Community Foundation.

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Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
I am in the fourth grade at Bassett Grade School. We live on our family ranch. My mom, Debbie, teaches first grade, and my sister, Isabelle, is in the first grade. My dad, Lee, works at Sandhills State Bank and ranches with his parents. We also have a dog named Bowser.

What did you like most about the programs offered this summer at the library?
I really liked the robotics program. There were different kinds of robots, but one of my favorites was the Dash and Dot robots that you control the movements with an iPad. We would build barriers made out of library books and when the robot came upon a barrier, it would turn and go in different directions.

Learning how to code was fund. The librarians helped us to code out our names and then you could do fun stuff with them like changing the backgrounds.

The theme for this year’s summer program was “space.” What were some of the activities that were related to this topic?
In some of the activities, the older kids like me were paired with little kids. In one class we helped them walk through the library searching for a paper cutout of a Star Wars character that had a letter printed on it. When we found all the characters, we would help them write out all the letters to spell out a sentence.

What do you like best in school?
I like math and reading. I like reading big chapter books — stories about realistic fiction. I was excited to go back after summer.

Have you thought about what you might like to do when you grow up?
Yes, I’d like to be a heart surgeon. I just like doctors. I did some medical research, and being a heart surgeon is what I’d like to do.

If you had a pen pal and had to tell them what your hometown was like, what would you say?
Bassett has lots of open space. There are lots of trees, grass, bodies of water and nature. Everyone knows each other. They look out for each other. There are lots of community events like Roctoberfest, the Expo and the fair, where we can spend time together. I live outside of town now, but when we were in town, we would ride our bikes down to this cute farmers market. It’s a nice, safe place to live.

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