Seeing possibilities in Nebraska City

Kiel VanderVeen, a financial planner and NCF board member, wants everyone to know that anyone can play a role in securing a portion of Otoe County’s transfer of wealth. Over the next decade, he and others in Nebraska City expect $1.4 billion to shift hands from older to younger generations. Together, they hope to capture 5% of that figure – or $70 million – for local, community-led organizations like Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund.

“It’s astonishing,” he said. “Seeing those numbers really opens your eyes to what’s possible.”

Especially in a community like Nebraska City, where residents rally around meaningful causes like clockwork. Since 1999, Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund has granted more than $6 million to the community and awarded 78 scholarships to non-traditional students, fulfilling the Fund’s mission of investing in people and creating a culture of giving.

“It doesn’t seem to make a difference how busy people are or how large the project is,” VanderVeen said. “We just get it done.”

One way Nebraska City residents – and Greater Nebraskans in general – can help get things done is by preparing a planned gift for the community they love, VanderVeen said. It’s not hard, and no complicated plan is necessary.

“Planned giving is really the easiest gift someone can make,” he said. “It’s pretty pain-free.”

Click below to hear more from Kiel about how the transfer of wealth opportunity is shaping the future of Nebraska City:


Reach out to your professional advisor to learn how you can give and consult Nebraska Community Foundation’s Planned Giving resources for more information. You can also contact NCF’s Office of Gift Planning by calling 402-323-7330 or sending an email to

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