Shickley serves as wealth transfer success story

Richard Walter of Shickley describes NCF’s intergenerational transfer of wealth study as, “a real eye-opener. I couldn’t believe how big the numbers were.” Shickley (pop. 347) is located in Fillmore County, where, in the next 10 years, $631 million will transfer from one generation to the next.

NCF volunteers talk about the transfer of wealth within a 10-year period of time so donors can better grasp the opportunity. Their goal is to unleash at least five percent of the wealth transfer’s abundant assets to build stronger, more vibrant hometowns.

Explaining the impact of the transfer of wealth helped open donor doors for Richard and other Shickley volunteers. “When we showed them the numbers, people realized we weren’t there for a $50 donation,” Richard said, only half joking.

In Shickley, local philanthropy is a significant part of their community development work. Shickley now benefits from $2.75 million of local endowments and 13 donors have confirmed their plans to leave gifts in their estate to benefit Shickley. These planned gifts are estimated to total $1.9 million. Shickley is using this home-grown philanthropy to benefit its K-12 school district, provide early childhood education, and has built a new multi-purpose community center.

The Fund uses all of its annual endowment payout to award grants in the fall and spring. And each year, more dollars are available to enrich the lives of residents, young and old. If you volunteer for the fire department, work as a teacher, frequent the public library, take a dip in the pool, have a blast at summer camp, or do just about anything in your hometown, you benefit from the generosity of your neighbors in Shickley.

Listen as Richard describes how the transfer of wealth is being put to work in Nebraska’s “Big Little Town”:


Reach out to your professional advisor to learn how you can give and consult Nebraska Community Foundation’s Planned Giving resources for more information. You can also contact NCF’s Office of Gift Planning by calling 402-323-7330 or sending an email to

When we all leave five, our hometowns thrive.

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