Six perks of NCF affiliation you should be taking advantage of

Ask 10 volunteers in the NCF network what Nebraska Community Foundation does and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. That’s because our services are vast and vary greatly depending on the needs of a community . . . and they often evolve over time.

Put simply, Nebraska Community Foundation unleashes abundant local assets, inspires charitable giving, and connects ambitious people. The benefits of being part of the NCF network are countless and our talented team is proud to provide the support necessary to help over 1,500 volunteers across the state do more.

You can read a more comprehensive list of our offerings on page six of NCF’s 2020 Annual Report, but we wanted to lift up six benefits of affiliation that your fund may not be taking advantage of . . . but absolutely should be!

  1. Our full-service marketing department

Did you know NCF employs a marketing department available to assist affiliated funds with their marketing, communications, and public relations needs? Whether it’s developing a new trifold brochure or preparing for a media interview, we’re here to help! Email for more information.

  1. Exclusive funding opportunities

The Hometown Interns program, Youth Engagement Grants, Connecting Elders, and Bridging the Learning Gap are just a few examples of funding opportunities available exclusively to members of the NCF network. Taking advantage of these opportunities can significantly increase financial resources available for a project, cause, or other local priority . . . plus the application processes are simple!

  1. Peer mentor connections

One of the greatest perks of belonging to the NCF network is access to our robust peer mentor network. We love connecting fellow ambitious Nebraskans to talk about challenges they’ve encountered and opportunities they’ve seized. Dreaming about a new capital project? We can connect you with an experienced volunteer who has been through it. Curious how others are recruiting new FAC members or setting up a succession plan? We’ve got peer mentors for that, too.

  1. Assistance with complex and planned gifts

Charitable contributions come in lots of shapes and sizes and NCF is equipped to help affiliated funds receive a huge variety – real estate, grain, livestock, stocks, bonds, retirement assets, life insurance, even tangible property like artwork, jewelry, boats, cars, and tractors. Furthermore, we help educate professional advisors, volunteers, and generous Nebraskans on the importance, benefits, and many avenues of planned giving every single day. We believe planned giving offers affiliated funds the biggest (and often untapped) opportunity to transform their place and are eager to help you advance your fund’s planned giving efforts whether that’s through training, conversations with local donors and professional advisors, or an abundance of online resources we offer on our website.

  1. Our top-notch credentials

Nebraska Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with national Standards for U.S. Community Foundations as established by the Council on Foundations. This means that NCF meets the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity, and accountability. When donors ask about NCF’s financial management, investment, and grantmaking practices, you can say with confidence that they meet the very highest benchmarks and most stringent requirements.

  1. Our vast education and training offerings

You are probably familiar with NCF’s Annual Celebration and Training, but did you know we offer education and training all year long? We’ll help you and fellow FAC members hone your abilities on dozens of topics and skill sets including fundraising, community visioning, asset mapping, leadership development, and much more. You can explore our education and training offerings here.

Reach out to your Affiliated Fund Development Coordinator if you would like more information on how your fund can more fully take advantage of the benefits your NCF affiliation offers.

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