VIDEO: The Transfer of Wealth

Over the next 10 years in Nebraska, more than $100 billion will transfer from one generation to the next. In 50 years, that number exceeds $950 billion. There is always a transfer from generation to generation, as parents pass away and leave their estate to their children. But if the heirs no longer live where they grew up, that wealth may leave as well.

Imagine if just five percent of this abundance were given back to the places where it was made and accumulated. That’s well over $47 billion. If it were endowed, think of the impact that kind of money could have on education, health, prosperity, and quality of life. Think of how it could contribute to a community’s ability to attract quality talent and young families. Harnessing just a small percentage of the transfer of wealth could be a gamechanger for the future of our hometowns.

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