Tools for encouraging charitable IRA rollover gifts

Emily Sulzle | Assistant Director of Gift Planning

IRAs are the largest pool of individually held retirement-type assets in the US and serve as a great vehicle for charitable giving. Individuals age 70 ½ or older are required to take annual distributions (RMDs, or required minimum distributions), whether they need the income or not.

For philanthropically-minded folks, that money can be used to both support their hometowns and serve as a QCD (qualified charitable distribution), avoiding taxable income.

Community-based affiliated funds have the opportunity to educate their communities about IRA rollover gifts and invite their neighbors to support their hometowns. IRA Rollover gifts are outright gifts that can count toward a challenge grant or simply serve as a year-end gift.

For Funds that are interested in marketing IRA Rollovers, the following resources are available:


The Editorial is fully-editable and the Postcard may be minimally customized with your Fund’s colors or logo for you to send to the printer of your choice and mail out.

We recommend you take the opportunity to capture year-end gifts given through IRA Rollovers between the dates of October 1 through December 31.

If you have questions about Charitable IRA Rollover gifts or any other planned giving topics, email me at

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