At Home in Greater Nebraska – Dena Beck

What was the most important factor in your decision to move to your community?

After my high school sweetheart and I reunited at our 10-year class reunion, we decided to move back home and start our life together. Being close to family and raising our daughters in a rural environment were key.


Did you always plan to return to Greater Nebraska? If not, what changed your mind? ‘

No. Although my community was good to me growing up, I felt like I wanted more. After being out in the world, I realized I can have more (travel, amenities, education, etc.) while enjoying living in greater Nebraska.


For you personally, what has been the most valuable part about moving to your community?

The sense of community – being involved, knowing people that care about each other and the place they call home. I appreciate being able to be close to family, further my education, make a good living, enjoy the outdoors, and access to travel.


Any surprises?

When you return to your hometown, it can be difficult to be taken seriously by people who have known you since you were 10. Although getting involved in your community, no matter if you are a newcomer or returner, makes the transition easier. People appreciate people that work to make the community better. Look around, where do your interests lie? How can your skills be used? Once you are involved, bring others up!


What would you tell someone who is thinking about returning to Greater Nebraska?

Do it! And share your experience with your peers and your strengths with your community!


What excites you when you think about the future of your community?

All of the people living in rural communities – their diversity, drive, and commitment to their communities. Rural people have vision and the chutzpah to make it happen.

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