At Home in Greater Nebraska – Rodolfo Aragon Robles

Name: Rodolfo Aragon Robles

Hometown: Grant, NE

Occupation: Safety Director for Foote Cattle Co.

Affiliated Fund: Perkins County Community Foundation Fund

What is the best thing about living in your community?
Simple living. I’m a very simple person, and I love how welcoming Grant is to me and my family. It is also a community that has everything that we need, and if there is something missing, there are people that will listen and more than likely take action to solve the situation.

What was the most important factor in your decision to move to your community?
I believe that a community must match you. Grant matches who we are, me and my family. Even at a hotel we make sure that it has the amenities we are looking for—and you are only going to stay there a night. I think it is important that your community matches who you are.

For you personally, what has been the most valuable part about moving to your community?
I have been able to provide for all my family’s needs thanks to a very helpful community. Adjusting to a new community is very complicated specifically when there are communication issues, language or otherwise, but every question I have they helped me.

Any surprises?
I was surprised that, even though there were not many Hispanics in the area when I moved here,

What would you tell someone who is thinking about returning or moving to Greater Nebraska?
Talk to the people living there, ask them what they love about it. We all want to be part of something special. Once they figure out how special Nebraska is they will want to be part of it.

What excites you when you think about the future of your community?
To be part of the story of the community to the point that my kids know I played a part, and to inspire them to be part of it as well. I want them to be proud not only of me but the community that has seen them grow.

How would you describe your experience serving on your local affiliated fund?
To me, it was the missing piece to understand my community, how it moves and who helps all those areas move. Most importantly, it gave me a way to help and be part of something bigger than myself.

What drew you to the NCF network?
Not in a bad way, mostly because of how demanding my job is, I have been an outsider for a long time—not in town from sunup to sundown. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know the people in the community and how to help them. And I have learned so much and I have been able to get involved in causes that are important for me and my family.

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