Getting after it in Columbus

K.C. Belitz understands the clock is ticking to act in his home of Columbus. The 10-year transfer of wealth for Platte County sits at $1.7 billion and capturing just 5% would mean an $85 million boost for community-building efforts. But Belitz, Nebraska Community Foundation’s chief operating officer, wants to ensure his peers understand the timer is running, counting down the moments until this unique opportunity fades out of reach.

“There is some sense of urgency,” Belitz said. “We have to get out and get after the work of capturing this transfer of wealth, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Once it’s captured here, it’s here forever.”

Columbus and Platte County are ready for the opportunity. Belitz tirelessly praises the collaborative spirit of area residents, and he knows the wealth transfer figures will inspire them to rise to the occasion. The sheer scope of the numbers involved may be overwhelming at first, but will ultimately lead to new, exciting conversations about what securing some of that transfer could mean for the community. This is a moment to enact lasting change fueled by local passion.

“It becomes clear that we actually don’t need anybody to come save the day,” he said. “We have all the assets we need right here, right now.”

The transfer of wealth can lead to big impacts. Capturing some for local unrestricted endowments can translate to a larger, better educated population, more amenities and, overall, more magnetic communities. Belitz can’t wait to see what his hometown can do once it collaborates to meet this unique moment in history. Already the “city of power and progress” has made huge strides through its Quality of Life Centers initiative.

“Those places that capture the wealth are going to have a tool that can truly, literally change the future of their place,” Belitz said. “They’re going to be able to do things other communities can’t do.”

Listen to K.C. describe the transfer of wealth opportunity in his own words:


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