Hometown Intern – Amber Cherney

Name: Amber Cherney
Hometown: Cuba, KS
Affiliated Fund: Chester Community Fund
School: Kansas State University

What projects are you working on this summer with your affiliated fund?
I am working on marketing materials for the Chester Community Fund, including content for social media, an email newsletter, and stationary templates.

Why did you want to take this opportunity to participate in this internship?
I found a passion for small rural communities as I grew up in the Cuba, Kansas area where multiple individuals and groups are working to better their community. I find Chester to be very similar to Cuba and have appreciated the involved residents inviting me into their community with welcoming hands. My goals with this internship include using my passion to create a desire for others to participate within this community.

How would you describe the experience so far?
My experience with the Chester Community Fund has been very informative at this point. Without growing up in this town, I was unaware of many things that happen; however, I have enjoyed learning and think that my fresh perspective offers new ideas to the fund. As far as the affiliated connection to the Nebraska Community Foundation, I have found NCF to focus on skills that are useful within this internship but will also carry on after. Overall, this has been a unique experience that I am happy to be a part of!

What do you appreciate most about your community?
In Chester, I appreciate the welcomeness of the community the most. Many involved community members have shown willingness to talk and answer any of my questions. I began as a stranger in Chester and just mere months later am known by name. I love that!

What excites you the most when you think about the future of your community?
The Chester Community Fund has only been an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation since 2015. Seeing the community development projects accomplished in the last six years is very impressive for a town of 289 people. I feel this fund will accomplish big things in the coming years and I am excited to see the improvements of Chester and be a part of them!

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
In a place to call home, I am looking for a small community that boasts friendliness and a sense of security. I appreciate the connection within relationships that small towns have to offer; furthermore, the sense of security is much stronger when there are no strangers. It was not until I experienced living in a larger town during college that I realized how much I appreciated living in a rural area.

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