Hometown Intern – Erik Rodriguez

Name: Erik Rodriguez
Hometown: Nebraska City
Affiliated Fund: Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund
College: Doane University

Why were you interested in this internship opportunity?
I always felt inclined to give back to my community, but I didn’t know how to start. I didn’t really know what to do. That’s when Chloe (Higgins) offered me a fantastic opportunity for my community back in December of 2019. This was the chance to give back to my community.

What projects are you working on this summer for your affiliated fund?
I am working on are the Dream Switch and some smaller projects leading up to the Dream Switch like a virtual talent show, a scavenger hunt, and an art/poster contest. I am also working on a job shadowing program for our high school.

What do you appreciate most about your hometown?
I appreciate that people in my hometown can get together for an event and just forget what’s happening in the news. The people who live here are friendly, even if they don’t know you well. The number of parks we have is great for everyone who likes going outside, and I truly love the events Nebraska City plans.

How does it feel to be able to give back to your community?
Giving back to the community felt fulfilling to me, and it was something that I could be proud of because they provided me with the necessary things to make me feel at home in Nebraska City. For that, I just feel grateful that I live here.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of your community?
I think what excites me most about the future of Nebraska City is the continuing change and the people who truly love Nebraska City that come back and push for that change.

What characteristics do you look for in a place to call home? Why?
Some characteristics that come to mind are peace, tranquility, special events (like parades, for example) that bring people together and lots of nature to explore. Those are some of the things that make me happy.

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