Hometown Intern – Katie Hawk

Name: Katie Hawk
Hometown: Ewing, NE
Affiliated Fund: Holt County Economic Development
School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What projects are you working on this summer with your affiliated fund?
Emily Morrow and I have been working on updating the county tourism brochure. This involves updating business information and getting more recent pictures of the communities to put in the brochure. I also have been taking community assessment surveys from some business owners in Ewing to see what ideas they have for Ewing’s future.

Why did you want to take this opportunity to participate in this internship?
I’ve been wanting to get involved in my hometown, especially after coming back from UNL. I wanted to learn more about my hometown and to help it develop in any way I could.

How would you describe the experience so far?
So far, the internship has been very eye-opening. I am beginning to see more and more of what is done in my community. It has also made me better appreciate my hometown and all it provides for its citizens.

What do you appreciate most about your community?
In my community, I mostly appreciate the people. Everyone is super kind and thoughtful. Everyone feels like family.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of your community?
When I think about Ewing’s future, I’m excited about our school for two reasons. First, our school consolidated with two others (Clearwater and Orchard), so I am excited to see what the new school will offer. Second, I am excited to see what will happen to the old school building. Our community has an excellent opportunity to get a business to come into our town.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
When I finish college, I will be looking for a secure place and one with a true sense of companionship. I also would like somewhere with amenities such as a nice restaurant, local businesses, job opportunities, and some lovely parks. These things, along with security and companionship, would really make a town stand out to me.

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