Hometown Intern – Luke Swanson

Name: Luke Swanson
Hometown: Holstein, NE
Affiliated Fund: Red Cloud Community Fund
School: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

What projects are you working on this summer with your affiliated fund
I will be putting together a Red Cloud visitor and newcomer guide, draft a Webster County Passport Program, other graphic design work, and helping at community events.

Why did you want to take this opportunity to participate in this internship?
A former teacher reached out to me and told me the position was available. I said yes because I thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in such a historic community.

How would you describe the experience so far?
I have loved getting to meet so many new people in the community and getting tours of all of the historic sites!

What do you appreciate most about your community?
I really appreciate how hard to community is trying to preserve and renovate everything!

What excites you the most when you think about the future of your community?
They are hoping to start building a hotel that will be downtown, and I think that will be such a great addition to the community.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
I look for welcoming people, history, and great facilities.

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