Nebraska Community Foundation visit to Northeast Nebraska

Last week local leaders in the communities of Walthill, Wayne and Laurel hosted Nebraska Community Foundation’s staff and statewide board on a tour highlighting their impact grantmaking initiatives, progress to date and ambitious plans for the future.

In Walthill, Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) representatives learned about efforts to support area youth, including a skatepark currently under construction. The group also received a tour of the local library and Morningstar Counseling which offers mental health services to community members, and especially local youth through a robust partnership with the school. The NCF cohort also learned about the Omaha Reservation’s history, including the groundbreaking story of Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American physician and plans to restore her hospital, a cultural and historic treasure.

In Wayne, members of the Wayne Area Legacy Fund, an affiliated fund of NCF, highlighted numerous innovative projects, businesses and local assets on a community bus tour. The group enjoyed a visit to Wayne State College including a trip to the planetarium and opportunities to see state-of-the-art classroom spaces, spend time with school leadership including Dr. Marysz Rames and interact with multiple students and faculty members.

NCF board and staff then welcomed volunteers from across northeast Nebraska to socialize, build relationships and share ideas. Network volunteers from Wayne, Laurel, Norfolk, Pender-Thurston and Plainview-Brunswick enjoyed a great evening making connections and sharing future plans for their communities.

The NCF statewide board of directors held its quarterly meeting at the Laurel Country Club Aug. 26 followed by a tour of the soon-to-open community center, a $4.2 million project honoring Laurel’s rich railroad history. The new facility will house the senior center, economic development, city offices and numerous event and meeting spaces.

“Nebraska Community Foundation is so grateful to all of the amazing Nebraskans who welcomed us into their communities last week,” said Jeff Yost, president and CEO of Nebraska Community Foundation. “While each place we visited is completely unique, they are the same in that they have thoughtful and committed leadership, intent on helping their places grow and thrive long into the future.”

Nebraska Community Foundation is so grateful to all of the amazing Nebraskans who welcomed us into their communities last week.

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