Creating and Updating Your Fact Sheet

One of the first marketing tools an affiliated fund needs is a simple fact sheet. Your Fund Advisory Committee will need accurate information as you begin to reach out to people in the community. The design of the fact sheet can be very simple as long as it looks neat and professional. Start by asking yourself and your fellow FAC members simple questions like the ones listed below. Also, visit our website’s Marketing & Promotion section where you will find several examples of fact sheets from other community-based funds. We’ve also included a generic template you can use to create your fact sheet by inserting specific information about your community fund.

For those of you who have had active affiliated funds for some time, it’s a good idea to review your fact sheet and update and refresh the information and photos. Contact NCF Marketing & Communications Director Carrie Malek-Madani if you’d like some help!

Here are some questions to get you started:

What is the Hometown Community Foundation Fund?
This might be a good place to insert your vision and mission statement. Also, mention your affiliation with Nebraska Community Foundation.

What does the Hometown Community Foundation Fund do?
Try to answer this in a way that explains what you do to help your neighbors give back to their communities.

Why is this important?
You may want to express NCF’s belief that only people who live and work in their hometowns have the power to shape their own future. Financial resources help make this possible.

How much wealth is at stake in Hometown?
If you would like to introduce the topic of the Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth, contact your Affiliated Fund Development Coordinator for data on estimates of wealth transfer in your county.

What is the Hometown Community Foundation Fund doing to achieve its goals? 
This would be a good place to talk about the importance of building an endowment.

How did Hometown Community Foundation Fund get started?
Provide some background here. How your group came together. Options you looked at. Reasons for choosing NCF.

Why should people contribute to Hometown Community Foundation Fund?
Because whether you live there now or live somewhere else, you care deeply about the future of your hometown. This is one of the best ways to express your commitment.

How is the Hometown Community Foundation Fund governed?
Be sure to mention that your FAC is all volunteer, and that you are affiliated with NCF, a leader among community foundations nationally and internationally.

Who is on the Fund Advisory Committee?
Include names, phone numbers and email addresses. Make sure this information is updated regularly!

How can people support our community through the Hometown Community Foundation Fund?
Here is where you list different ways to contribute, ranging from writing a check to creating a bequest. And don’t forget to encourage folks to donate online.

Contact Information
Provide the name, phone, address and email for your fund’s primary contact person. Also include your NCF website page address and NCF’s website address:

Everyone on your FAC should be familiar with the information and language used in this basic marketing tool. It is a first step in developing consistent core messages about the vision you have for your hometown and the steps you are taking to achieve it!

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