Hometown Intern – Halle Pulliam

Name: Halle Pulliam
Hometown: Hebron
Affiliated Fund: Hebron Community Fund

What’s it like to return to your community after being away for a while?
Returning to Hebron has its positives and its negatives. I felt I was accepted as an adult by everyone I now work with this summer. It was a very welcoming return home. After living away this past year it allowed me to truly see the small-town values I took for granted when I was in high school.

What are some of your hometown’s greatest assets?
The first thing that came to my mind was how many options residents have to stay active, like a town-wide historic walking trail, a brand new public pool, an outdoor archery range, a golf course, and a state-of-the-art wellness center. Another amazing asset within the community is the Majestic Theatre. This theatre was renovated and turned into a local non-profit run by volunteers within the community.

What about the NCF Internship experience stands out to you so far? Why?
To me the most outstanding part was the people involved in the internship. Everyone that is part of this foundation is 100% in love with the mission and values of NCF. Motivating youth is what is going to keep these towns and organizations going. NCF is putting that motivation in all of us.

Everyone has gifts and talents to share. What do you hope to share with your hometown this summer?
I truly believe one of my greatest assets as an individual is to see outside of the box and think creatively to come up with solutions to benefit all. One of the greatest things I learned this past year in business school was that no one person is the weakest link, they just haven’t been put in the place best fit for them to succeed. Everyone has value to Hebron, including myself, you just must find where that value can be most beneficial.

What should older adults know about your generation of Nebraskans?
The next generation is diverse, and those differences are what make them amazingly unique. Older adults can welcome this next generation back with open arms and opportunities and be willing to see the value we can offer to this amazing community. Small towns are not appealing to many people in this young generation. If neglected, the younger population will not return to take their place as leaders in the community someday.

What makes you feel most attached to your hometown?
The people in Hebron make me feel the most attached. This past year there was no better feeling than seeing a classmate after months of being apart and acting as if we had never let a day go by. The people I saw everyday for 13 years are why Hebron is my home, from classmates to teammates to friends, that’s truly a bond you’ll never find anywhere else.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your community?
I hope we continue the path we are currently on to let the youth take action to help this community. For example, one of the parks was neglected by the city and the tennis courts were deemed unsafe. The youth within the school system decided to put in their own time and labor to fix the park and fundraise for new pickle ball courts to replace the tennis courts.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
I am looking for a welcoming community that not only allows you to be yourself but values what you have to offer to the community.

If you were designing a future for yourself in Greater Nebraska, what would that look like?
I would emphasize the size and space we have that many people don’t even know exist. To me a Greater Nebraska is not just on the east side of the state. We need to use our size to our advantage and show the true beauty we offer. One thing I love and would want to see is more events like NEBRASKALand Days, which is held in North Platte. Why not have festivals this large in all corners and sections of our state portraying the differences in each community?

What’s a piece of advice you have for older generations of Nebraskans?
Don’t be scared of change, the young generations have the talent to be able to take what built this town and modernize it to remain valuable to the community. Everyone loves the history of our homes, and that history will stay alive through us.

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