Hometown Intern – Jocelyn Shipman

Name: Jocelyn Shipman
Hometown: Guide Rock, NE
Affiliated Fund: Red Cloud Community Fund
School: University of Nebraska-Kearne

What projects are you working on this summer with your affiliated fund?
This summer, I am working on various projects. One project I have completed is learning about the Child and Adult Care Food Program and how to manage the paperwork and submit information into the system. I have also been working on taking over lead teacher positions where I educate, engage, and explore with children. Another project I have recently started is giving tours of The Valley Child Development Center to community members and guests. Lastly, I have had the opportunity to explore the curriculum used within all rooms of the facility and implement various lessons from it

Why did you want to take this opportunity to participate in this internship?
I wanted to take this opportunity because I have a strong passion for early childhood education. I was eager to expand my knowledge in this field as well as learn from coworkers and work with children of different ages. It also was a major bonus that I was going to be able to serve members from my community by interning back in my hometown. Lastly, I hope to become an administrator in the future therefore I was excited to work with the director of The Valley Child Development Center and learn more about her job and responsibilities.

How would you describe the experience so far?
My experience so far has been amazing. I have really enjoyed being able to come back into the community and reunite with the families and board members. I have enjoyed working with all the children and guiding them through the most crucial years of their lives.

What do you appreciate most about your community?
The thing that I appreciate most about my community is that everyone is your neighbor no matter where you live. The people who live here are always giving a helping hand even when they are not asked. There have been numerous times our community has come together to help families in crisis, sports teams, and organizations. It truly is Greater Nebraska where everyone is your neighbor.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of your community?
What excites me the most when thinking about my community’s future is that it is expanding and evolving in so many ways to create the best hometown. There have been numerous new businesses that have claimed a spot downtown and renovated buildings and they are great attributes to our community. It is exciting for me to see the community come alive and achieve goals.

What are you looking for in a place to call home?
There are multiple attributes that play into what I would want “home” to look like. First, I would want a welcoming and supportive community. I would also want “home” to have a strong and high-quality education system for ages birth to twelfth grade where students are nurtured and guided to success. Lastly, I would want “home” to be a place that has essential items within thirty miles where I can support small business owners. It means much more to the community and owners to shop local rather than corporate level. “Home” is a place where I see myself and my fiancé raising our future children one day.

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