2023 Hometown Internships


A 2023 Hometown Intern is a current college student who has completed at least one year of schooling and lives at home for the summer. The intern will discover and document the assets and abundance of their homeplace. They will help facilitate conversations with community members regarding these assets and opportunities, and they will co-create opportunities to mobilize these local assets to increase community quality of life. Students will be compensated for their work through a combination of funding from local affiliated funds and an anonymous NCF donor, but housing will not be provided.

Important Information for NCF Affiliated Funds

Important Information for Students

If you are part of an NCF affiliated fund or student interested in participating in the summer 2023 Hometown Intern program, please complete a very brief interest form.

Affiliated Fund Interest Form

Student Interest Form

Important Dates & Deadlines

March 31, 2023: Interest Forms must be complete

April 28, 2023: Interns must be selected, all paperwork must be completed and submitted to NCF

Please note, due to the complexity of this program, there will be no deadline extensions.

QUESTIONS: Contact Janny Crotty at jcrotty@nebcommfound.org