2019 Annual Training session notes

If you attended our 2019 Annual Training in York and wanted a copy of the notes or PowerPoints from the sessions you attended, look no further! See below for each session title that had notes available and feel free to download for your use.

A Practical Guide for Getting Published
Taking More Compelling Photos
What is News and Jay Wolf Article

Granting to Make a Difference
FAC Leadership Development Guide for Action and Impact Planning
Session Questions

Embracing Diversity in Our Hometowns
Session Handout

Leadership Succession and Distributed Leadership
Criteria for Board Members

Taking the “Challenge” Out of Homegrown Challenge Grants
Session Handout

Lunch: Moving In, Moving Out, and Moving Over by Ben Winchester
PowerPoint Presentation

Taking the Fear Out of Making the Ask
Fundraising Basic Truths
The 4 I’s of Donor Development
Making the Ask

Teaching Others About Planned Giving
Planned Giving Manual
Session Questions

The True Demographic Realities in Rural Nebraska
Living in the Middle of Everywhere
Rewriting the Rural Narrative

Working in the “Gap” Between Community and Institutions 
The Geometry Lesson
The Four Legged Stool
Working in the Gap Handout

Focus on Youth
Grant Guidelines

Bringing The Dream Switch to Your Community
Informational Handout
Sample Curriculum Guide



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