Everyone on your Fund Advisory Committee (FAC) must be willing to not only give—but to also raise—money for  investments in your community! Fortunately, the NCF network has plenty of experience to share that will help you feel good about asking their friends and family to give back to their hometown. Below you will find several examples of tools developed by and for other community funds.

For answers to questions on any of these topics, contact your Affiliated Fund Development Coordinator.

Campaign Planning

Your Affiliated Fund Development Coordinator is your first contact for help with planning a successful fundraising campaign. Here are some worksheets you might find useful for donor prospecting and campaign management.

Capital Project Responsibilities – Red Cloud
Confidential Donor Tracking Report – Generic Template
Prospect Rating – Generic Template
Prospect Tracking – McCook

Case Statements

These can be as simple as a tri-fold brochure or as elaborate as an eight-page booklet. Ultimately, the case statement answers the question, “What difference will my gift make to my community?”

Endowment Case Statement – Keith County
Endowment Challenge Brochure – Bertrand
Endowment Challenge Brochure – Perkins County
Endowment Challenge Brochure – Valley County
Endowment Challenge FAQs – McCook
Library Brochure – Keith County
Power of Endowment Graphic – Keya Paha

Donor Visits

When asked why they give, most donors will tell you that someone asked them to help. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, schedule a visit, and ask your friend for help. Here are some materials to get you going!

Advance Letter – Generic Template
Gathering Event Agenda – Nebraska City
Storytelling Exercise – Howells
VIDEO: Making the Ask – Advice from Pender-Thurston
VIDEO: Making the Ask – Advice from Howells
VIDEO: Making the Ask – Advice from McCook


Writing successful fundraising letters is part science and part art! The most important ingredient, however, is sincerity. Here are several different styles for you to consider, and don’t forget that a thank you letter is the most appreciated piece of mail any donor ever gets!

Alumni – Howells
Alumni – Keya Paha
Alumni – Stuart
Alumni – Wausa
Alumni – Wymore-Blue Springs
Annual Gifts – Columbus
Fundraising – Red Cloud
Capital Project – Elgin
Challenge Grant – Bertrand
Professional Advisor – Diller
Thank You – Wymore-Blue Springs


Volunteers and peer mentors describe in their own words their fundraising strategies and successes.